Brussels Commentary on EU Maritime Law

By Henning Jessen, Michael Jurgen Werner

Waterborne transport is of crucial importance within the European Union. Almost 90% of the EU's external freight trade and 40% of the intra EU-exchanges of goods and passengers are carried by sea. 23 EU Member States are coastal states and 26 are Flag States. EU ship-owners manage 30% of the world's vessels and 35% of the global shipping tonnage. Each year, more than 400 million passengers pass through European ports. The Framework of the 'Erika Packages' adds another regulatory level to the existing global legal regime. As a result, almost all aspects of maritime transport and shipping are now regulated by EU Law. This book will provide a comprehensive article-by-article analysis of the most relevant of these EU Regulations and EU Directives. It covers the following issues: The EU and Maritime Transport: A Comprehensive Overview . Regulatory Issues in Shipping . Environmental Policy and Pollution Control . Maritime Safety . Maritime Security and Infrastructure . Consumer Protection and Passenger Rights . Carriage of Goods by Sea and Litigation . Market Access . Competition . State Aid . Maritime Labor and Working Conditions . the Regulation of Inland Waterway Transport. Comprehensive and authoritative, this book is required reading for all practitioners in the field. [Subject: Maritime Law, EU Law]

Publication Date: 6/16/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509905607

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