Landmark Cases in Family Law

Edited by: Stephen Gilmore, Jonathan Herring, Rebecca Probert

In England and Wales, there are a number of important historical (landmark) cases in the development of family law that deserve a detailed examination. Family law cases tend to raise highly controversial issues, often on striking facts, frequently provoking wider social debate and/or extensive publicity. Consequently, the landmark cases chosen for this volume, which is now available in paperback, provide considerable scope, not only for doctrinal analysis and explanation of the importance and impact of the decisions, but also for in-depth examination of the social or policy developments that influenced them. The stories behind these cases provide a fascinating insight into the complexities of family life and the drama that can be found in the family courts. In recent years, family law has seen enormous changes in law's engagement with the notion of 'family,' with the enactment, for example, of the UK's Civil Partnership Act 2004, the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and, more recently, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 2008. As the world moves forward into the new millennium, this is an excellent time to engage in detailed analyses and 'stock-taking' of the landmark decisions, many of which were decided in the 1970s, and which have shaped modern family law. The book provides a series of in-depth studies of the key leading cases, and will be of interest to students and lecturers alike. (Series: Landmark Cases) [Subject: Family Law, Legal History]

Publication Date: 3/10/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781509905058

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