The European Union's External Action in Times of Crisis

Edited by: Piet Eeckhout, Manual Lopez-Escudero

The Lisbon Treaty modified the legal framework of EU external action and these innovations must be applied in a period of deep economic and financial crisis interacting with other more specific crises affecting the EU's external activities. This volume investigates the recent institutional and substantive developments in EU external relations law and practice in this context of multiple crises for the EU. The economic and financial crisis has a major impact on EU external action, but other crises too affect this sensitive area of the EU's activity and the book takes them into account. For instance, there is a crisis in the relationship between EU law and international law after the ECJ judgement in the Kadi case. In addition to exploring these questions, the collection also examines questions of legitimacy in fields such as foreign investment protection and arbitration. Representing the output of a powerful research team composed of leading scholars in the field, this comprehensive collection will appeal to both an expert and non-expert readership. (Series: Modern Studies in European Law, Vol. 63) [Subject: European Law, International Law]

Publication Date: 12/1/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509900558