The Master

The John Fahey Story

By John Fahey, Joy Ringrose

John Fahey OA is Australia's most successful Olympic showjumper. Known as 'The Master' because of his outstanding riding successes and horsemanship, he is a dual Olympian who won top-level showjumping events on four continents and has broken two World Cup Showjumping world records. John also excelled at campdrafting, winning four World Champion Campdraft titles, and in horseracing, where he won races and trained winners in metropolitan racing. He also won Champion Gentleman Rider at all of Australia's biggest Royal shows. John's determination and perseverance saw him continue having top-level success throughout his adventurous career. John's father, Tom, a founding breeder of Australian Stock Horses, a horse trainer, and one of Australia's top sporting event competitors, gave John a head start in horsemanship. John began competing when horses were a means of transport, then through the era of shipping horses to Olympic competitions and on to the jet age flying to competitions on the other side of the globe. John's ideas on competing and horsemanship weave into this story to educate the reader in riding, training and maintenance of performance horses. Many colourful characters came into John's life, and many became firm friends. But the most charming characters have been his many wonderful horses. Their courage and cooperation, and their partnership in John's thousands of wins, were due to the special bond that he had with each. This is what makes John Fahey's story unusual and very special. [Subject: Equestrain Studies, Equestrian Racing, Equestrian Training]

Publication Date: 3/7/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780994562715