No Way to Go

Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

Edited by: Graham Currie, Janet Stanley, John Stanley

Urban sprawl and sparse living are pervasive in Australia. Despite high levels of car ownership, many Australians do not have access to a private car for their travel needs. These people, often from marginalised groups in society such as young people, those on low incomes, older people, indigenous Australians and those with disabilities, face difficulties accessing services, facilities and activities. What are the personal and social costs of lack of access to transport on individual and community well-being? How, and to what extent, do poor transport options contribute to disadvantage? No Way to Go is an edited collection of papers that discuss the links between transport disadvantage and social exclusion in Australia. The book begins by exploring the global context for the Australian experience, with a series of papers from international contributors. In the second section, case studies based on recent empirical research examine the situation from the perspectives of different marginalised groups in Australian society. The book concludes by examining the implications for Australian social and transport policy.

200 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780980361629