Phases of Conflict in Africa

Edited by: Paul J. Kaiser, Rose Kadende-Kaiser

This book is based on a workshop on "War and Peace in Contemporary Africa" organized and hosted by the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania on January 31, 2003. At this workshop were panels dedicated to conflict in central, west, and the horn of Africa, along with a keynote address on "Africa in the War on Terrorism", which stimulated substantial (and contentious) debate. The contributions included in this collection revolve around the central and west African regional conflict zones discussed at the workshop, along with two essays that provide divergent perspectives on Africa's role in the "war on terrorism" emanating from the September 11 attacks. The articles are organized chronologically according to the phases of conflict. They provide valuable insight into the complexities of the processes of conflict, which often follow similar trajectories, but vary in time and space. Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and teachers will benefit from the analytical roadmap, which serves to situate different cases in a common context while providing the conceptual space for divergent methodological approaches and ideological assumptions. This roadmap reinforces the notion that conflicts are complex processes that need to be understood and resolved based on their scope and content.

184 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780973397895