Lessons from International/Comparative Criminology/Criminal Justice

Edited by: John Winterdyk, Liqun Cao

This book is an anthology of 14 esteemed scholars who have made significant contributions to criminology, criminal justice, and international law within a comparative and international context. In this lively collection of "stories", the authors share of themselves in ways we seldom learn about in textbooks. By inviting us into their lives, we find out about the pitfalls, opportunities, and gut-wrenching decisions they faced during their careers. Pat Mayhew frankly warns students that "international comparative work is not for the faint hearted", Peter Grabosky encourages students to "keep their eyes open", and David Farrington advises us to "choose our collaborators carefully". Yet, what resonates throughout their lessons is that truly successful people are those who keep trying. Students in particular will find the stories inspirational and insightful. This text provides us with practical, real life examples of how following one's passion can genuinely impact crime prevention, criminal justice, and social ills around the world.

224 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780973397864