Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 2012

By Commonwealth Secretariat

The Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book is an essential source of information on key aspects of policy issues for all Commonwealth Ministers, from trade to transport. It includes over 40 articles covering a range of topics with opinion pieces, case studies and transferable solutions written by multi-sectoral authors from across the globe. A set of Ministerial Briefings at the front of the book provide short updates on key issues of concern to all Ministers, whatever their particular portfolio. They include a variety of papers from promoting good governance in the Commonwealth to advice on peace building and conflict resolution. The Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book also includes a directory of all Commonwealth Ministers, with over 1,000 Minister and relevant ministry contact details listed. This is an essential publication for ministries, government officials and organisations wishing to do business with Commonwealth governments.Regularly updated ministerial directories as well as news and articles from across the Commonwealth can be found on Published by Henley Media Group for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Publication Date: 6/21/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780957043220