Eating Meat

Science and Consumption Culture

By Howard J. Swatland

Aimed at meat aficionados and animal scientists, this book represents a celebration of meat as a dietary staple and a part of human culture. It is both an informative exploration of where meat sits in human history/culture and a technical guide to understanding the foodstuff better. The book begins with a compelling argument for why it is appropriate for humans to eat meat, the constancy of meat as a food resource throughout human history, and the advancement from a hunting-based activity to a planned farming system. It then moves onto practical topics, providing a fascinating insight into the physical properties of meat, including meat cuts, palatability, cooking processes, processed meats, quality evaluation, and meat related terminology. The content is focused upon red meats, and meats which are commonly consumed in developed countries. [Subject: Food Production, Animal Science]

Publication Date: 11/7/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780955501197