Multilateralism V Unilateralism

Edited by: J.B. Attanasio, Joseph J. Norton

This volume explores the nature and implications of the fact that the major security, economic, and environmental challenges facing our global society today can be addressed in either of two broad ways: unilateral mechanisms and multilateral mechanisms. Multilateralism V Unilateralism draws together a most distinguished group of policymakers and academics to discuss and to debate the interaction in unilateral behavior in the context of the military, economics, the environment, and international organizations. When the tragedy of September 11 occurred, this volume was already well into the planning stage. The volume compares unilateral versus multilateral behavior in the above four areas. The issues presented in this volume represent some of the momentous and historic challenges facing our global society as we embark upon the 21st century.

525 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780903067447