Man and Environment in Valencia Island

By Frank Mitchell

A vivid study of Valencia Island from the arrival of Stone Age people to the present day, drawing on ten years of intensive field research. 85 illustrations, including colour and black and white photographs. "The development of the island's archaeological record and the changes in the environment are assessed as part of an interwoven pattern... This small area shows in microcosm the archaeological complexity of the surviving evidence built up during the past nine thousand years of land exploitation in Ireland and will provide an excellent model for other research projects. For all those interested in our heritage, whether cultural or environmental, it is essential and rewarding reading." Eoin Grogan, Archaeology Ireland "The work, as one might expect of Frank Mitchell, is imbued with his characteristic enthusiasm...and is rich with his experience, insights and anecdote, as a Quaternary scientist and naturalist." R.J. Devoy, Irish Geography

144 pages

Publication Date: 1/19/1989
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780901714787

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