A century of scholarship

Travelling students of the National University of Ireland

By National University of Ireland

The publication of this book is a celebration of the achievements of all the National University of Ireland's 'travelling students'. Collectively the Studentship winners constitute a remarkable testament to the importance of the Travelling Studentship Scheme and to their own achievements. The contributions in A Century of Scholarship reveal a fascinating diversity, through the broad spectrum of disciplines and descriptions of venues around the world, but especially Great Britain, continental Europe, United States and Canada. It also provides personal views of life after the Studentship - the illustrious careers, the returns to Ireland, and the learned 'diaspora' in universities, hospitals and financial institutions overseas. The book highlights the federal dimension of the National University of Ireland in that the body of travelling students represents the four Constituent Universities at Dublin, Cork, Galway and Maynooth. In their outstanding achievements, both academic and professional, the travelling students are worthy ambassadors of the National University of Ireland. A Century of Scholarship will be a source of pride for anyone who has won a Travelling Studentship or Prize; for others it will provide a glimpse into the lives and accomplishments of the recipients, and a valuable and permanent historical record of the National University of Ireland's longest-running award scheme.

Publication Date: 5/31/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780901510525