The Use of Instructional Technology in Schools

Lessons to Be Learned

By Mal Lee, Arthur Winzenried

This book examines teachers' use of the major instructional technologies over the last century - from the days of silent film, radio, and slide shows through to the modern interactive whiteboard and the Web. The book explores the reasons why so few teachers have used these technologies and why, even in today's digital world, the most commonly used classroom tools are the pen, paper, and chalkboard. The book provides decision-makers with an invaluable insight into the million dollar question: What is required to get teachers using the appropriate instructional technology as a normal part of everyday teaching? Without question, student learning is enhanced by adopting these new technologies. Until now, research on why the majority of teachers use only the most basic tools in the classroom has been scarce. The Use of Instructional Technology in Schools examines this phenomenon and, most importantly, identifies what is required to achieve teachers' universal acceptance of instructional technologies.

266 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780864318886