Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

Collective Wisdom on Creating a Family from Conception to Birth and Beyond

By Rebecca Griffin

Every step of the journey to become a parent, while exciting, can also be daunting with countless choices and varying advice. In Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?, parents from around the world speak personally and honestly about their experiences of assisted conception, pregnancy, birth, sex, relationships, and raising children. Woven between the stories are insights and tips - as well as evidence-based information and recommended further reading - about the topics referred to in the stories. Unlike other books on parenting, this is not another prescriptive book by an 'expert.' The experiences and wisdom of the parents who contributed to this book will surprise you, make you laugh, cry, feel encouraged, and supported. For those who are about to become a parent or who are thinking of having children, the stories will offer insight into the process, both physical and emotional, and assist in the journey of creating a family.

304 pages

Publication Date: 10/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780864318787