Jousting for the New Generation

Challenges to Contemporary Schooling

By David Loader

Learning is not some technical task like computer programming; it is integral to the person. It is part of the spirit, the soul and the heart of a person.we need to be encouraged to explore what is inside us -- what we feel, what we think, where we have come from, as well as where we wish to go. I have written unashamedly in a personal and passionate way. - In this new collection of essays, David Loader addresses a range of contemporary issues in education, and encourages critical dialogue about prevailing educational cultures. These 'jousts,' as he calls them, are challenges to the status quo, written to encourage verbal repartee, argument and counter-argument. Dipping into Jousting for the New Generation is intended to inspire the reader and generate spirited discussion.

175 pages

Publication Date: 7/20/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780864317346