Sex Offenders

Law, Policy and Practice (Second Edition)

By Cathy Cobley

Sex Offenders: Law, Policy and Practice is a unique and authoritative book examining sexual offending and the treatment of sex offenders in the UK. There are many complex issues inherent in dealing with sex offenders which are dealt with here including the investigation of sexual offenses, trial procedures, sentencing, control, risk assessment, protection of the public, treatment, housing and protection of children and adolescent offenders. The responsibilities of local authorities, the rights of the individual and the community, the sexual offenses register, employment restrictions and human rights questions are all considered. This new edition has been extensively re-written to take into account the fundamental changes in UK law and practice following the Sexual Offenses Act 2003, which brought about the most radical overhaul of UK sexual offenses legislation for 50 years. In addition, the Criminal Justice Act 2003 has introduced a new sentencing regime.

539 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780853089797