Civil Partnership

The New Law

By Martin Downs, Mark Harper, Katharine Landells, Gerald Wilson

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 in the UK constitutes one of the most significant pieces of family legislation for several years. The underlying aim of the legislation is to permit couples of the same sex to form registered civil partnerships, thereby creating a new legal status for such couples. Once registered, they acquire a package of rights and responsibilities which, subject to key differences, will place them on the same footing as married couples. Major provisions contained in the Act include: formation of civil partnership by registration; formal dissolution of civil partnership which has broken down irretrievably; grounds on which a civil partnership can be declared a nullity; financial effects of dissolution, including arrangements for property division, pensions and tenancy succession rights; ability of registered partners to acquire parental responsibility for each other's children and entitlement to apply for adoption, residence and contact orders; and recognition under inheritance and intestacy rules. Civil Partnership: The New Law provides an authoritative commentary, highlighting areas of potential difficulty and offering practical guidance.

542 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780853089339