Chinese and Jews

Encounters Between Cultures

By Irene Eber

This book deals with the large variety of contacts that constitute intercultural relations. These studies suggest the different areas - literature, history, society - research can take to discover the interaction of ideas and peoples. It furthermore illustrates how widely disparate cultures can communicate over time and space as well as the different means that are employed in cultural adjustment. Contents include: Jewish Communities in China: A Brief Overview --- Kaifeng Jews: Sinification and the Persistence of Identity and History --- Destination Shanghai, Permits, and Transit Visas, 1938-1941 --- Translating the Ancestors: SIJ Schereschewsky's 1875 Chinese Version of Genesis --- Notes on the Early Reception of the Old Testament --- Several Psalms in Chinese Translation --- Translation Literature in Modern China: The Yiddish Author and his Tale --- Martin Buber and Daoism

187 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780853036746

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