Machinery for Horticulture

Second Edition

By Brian Bell, Stewart Cousins

For students of horticulture, grounds-keeping and estate management, this book offers an unrivalled introduction to the machinery with which they will have to work. It covers the principles, mechanics, uses and maintenance of a very wide range of equipment. Topics covered include: tractors and power units - engines - lubrication and cooling - starting and charging systems - transmissions - steering, wheels and tyres - tractor hydraulic systems - tractor maintenance - ploughs and ploughing - cultivation machinery - fertiliser distributors - drills and planters - spraying machinery - grass-cutting machinery - turf-care equipment - glasshouse equipment - irrigation - vegetable and fruit machinery - machinery for estate and grounds maintenance - the workshop - power for horticulture. Machinery for Horticulture is in its second edition, an authoritative, concise text magnificently complemented by 360 illustrations.

Publication Date: 1/1/1997
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780852363690