A Framework for Citizenship Education in Sierra Leone

By Commonwealth Secretariat

“We have attained disarmament, the guns are silent, peace has returned, but we must ensure we guard that peace. We must cultivate desirable attitudes and build a moral and disciplined society as we ensure character development in our young. - (Honourable Alpha Tejan Wurie, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, 2003) Following eleven years of civil strife and violence, the people of Sierra Leone are once again on the road to development and advancement, restoring their country to what was once called the "Athens of Africa". With this vision in mind, the Education Ministry with the support of the Commonwealth Secretariat and civil society partners has forged a consensus on how the citizen of tomorrow shall be educated which will be high lighted in a forthcoming National Policy for Education in Sierra Leone. This book is a vital component of that policy. It is an expression of the new dispensation in Sierra Leonian education, articulating the restoration of Citizenship Education as an essential aspect of the curriculum at all levels of the Education system.

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780850927726

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