Mr. Parnell's Rottweiler

Censorship and the United Ireland Newspaper, 1881-1891

By Myles Dungan

In this book, author Myles Dungan forcefully analyzes the struggle of Irish nationalist newspapers in the riotous decade of the 1880s - in particular, that of the Parnellite newspaper United Ireland. While examining the extent of British censorship in dealing with Irish nationalist newspapers, Dungan provides a fresh and involving consideration of the ways in which United Ireland could be accused of committing the same crimes as the British administrations. Making extensive use of fascinating archival materials, the book establishes the different ways in which both British administrations - that of Gladstone and Salisbury - counteracted the most assertive journalistic and nationalist voice during this turbulent time, suppressing freedom of speech. The details are no less steadfast when it comes to presenting the questionable conduct of United Ireland as they policed the press in order to eliminate points of view that dissented from their own.

Publication Date: 4/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716532330

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