The Cork International Exhibition, 1902-1903

A Snapshot of Edwardian Cork

By Daniel Breen, Tom Spalding

In this accessible and attractive book, beautiful illustrations accompany an involving contextualization of life in Ireland's Cork City at the beginning of the 20th century. Focusing on the "International Exhibition of Manufactures, Arts, Products and Industries," a monumental event which opened its doors in the summer of 1902 and which Cork City has not paid witness to before or since, local historians Daniel Breen and Tom Spalding provide an enlightening account of an Irish city during a time when civic and cultural life was celebrated in the spirit of the age, and not obscured by the divisive politics that severely marked the preceding century and following decade. The book provides a picture of Edwardian Cork, going beyond reportage to instill a real sense of the age. The International Exhibition was emblematic of this remarkably cooperative period, seeing individuals of strongly opposing political backgrounds working in unison and interacting with a huge array of international exhibitors from as far away as Russia, China, and Turkey. As an exhibition devoted to art and industry, the Cork International Exhibition acted as a focal point that expanded upon contemporary art, architecture, music, sports, and more. Filled with colorful illustrations of archival material, this elegant book presents a complete picture of the astonishing scale and vibrancy of this immense occasion in Ireland's social history. Exhibitions of this kind were showcased in major global cities, such as London, Paris, Glasgow, St. Louis, and Chicago. The fact that it came to a burgeoning city such as Cork, ahead of Belfast or Dublin, was of historic importance within Ireland.

Publication Date: 4/24/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716532309

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