The RMS Titanic Miscellany

By John D.T. White

Contributions by: Eamonn Holmes

Within these pages, readers will learn fascinating facts about the Titanic on a wide range of topics: her sister ships * the Harland & Wolff Shipyard where she was built * Thomas Andrews, her architect * her maiden voyage * Captain Smith * the passengers onboard * the ship's construction and dimensions * the ice warning signals received by the vessel * the moment she struck the iceberg * the shortage of lifeboats * the extraordinary accounts of bravery onboard when it was clear she was going to sink. Painstakingly researched and sprinkled with entries covering Titanic memorabilia, The RMS Titanic Miscellany - now available in paperback - will bring hours of reading pleasure to everyone who is intrigued with the enormity, grandeur, and mystique associated with the Titanic.

312 pages

Publication Date: 3/28/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780716531562