George Moore: Dublin, Paris, Hollywood

Edited by: Conor Montague, Adrian Frazier

George Moore was all one could ask for in a man of letters and is considered a literary giant. An Irish Catholic absentee landlord, self-educated within the Parisian cafe culture of the 1870s, Moore was a friend to the Impressionists, a disciple to Zola, a preacher for literary naturalism, a self-proclaimed messiah to the Irish Revival, and a revelatory satirist of those among whom he practiced his vocation. Courageous, innovative, controversial, and iconoclastic, Moore's candor and shamelessness are as refreshing now as they were in his era. With the success of the film, Albert Nobbs, this prominent and fascinating Irish novelist - who authored the novella The Singular Live of Albert Nobbs, upon which the film is based - has re-entered the public consciousness. Interest in Moore's life and work has expanded beyond the confines of academics and lovers of literature. As well as contributing to an ever-expanding Moore scholarship, this collection provides a taste of what George Moore has to offer to the modern reader. The book's high-quality essays concern Moore and the cultural contexts in which he produced his best work, and it includes an interview with Glenn Close, star of the film Albert Nobbs. *** "This is an exciting examination of a significant artist who helped shape the modern novel. Highly recommended." - Choice, Vol. 50, No. 08, April 2013

224 pages

Publication Date: 10/16/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716531470