Voicing Dissent

New Perspectives in Irish Criticism

Edited by: Sandrine Brisset, Noreen Doody

Voicing Dissent is a collection of critical essays exploring the idea of dissent in contemporary Irish Studies. Prominent in these essays are radical points of view, alternative readings, contentious texts, and some unusual and innovative approaches to canonical works. Energetic young scholars add their voices to the debate, breaking new literary ground and bringing into the light fresh interpretations and original critical insights in Irish literature and culture. While the book is primarily concerned with dissent in changing cultural and social contexts within literature, it also addresses several different fields of academic research, including history, cinema, and gender studies. Elsewhere, by looking at post-colonial trauma in works of fiction, Irish identity is interrogated. Representations of femininity, sexuality, and patriarchy are challenged by rebellious women, whether as characters, writers, or critics.

272 pages

Publication Date: 4/24/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716531388