Power in History

From Medieval Ireland to the Post-Modern World

Edited by: Anthony McElligott, Liam Chambers, Ciara Breathnach, Catherine Lawless

This book assembles some of the most exciting scholars working in the field of history to explore the theme of 'power' in history - examining the complexities, controversies, and contradictions of power and its contested environments in relation to warfare, the state, race, religion, gender, class, linguistic and cultural hegemony, symbols and rituals, and visual arts and architecture. It ranges from the medieval period to contemporary times, principally in Ireland and wider Europe, but also extending to North America, Africa, and Oceania. The 15 contributions do not accept power as a historical given. Each author addresses the specific context, giving rise to different constructions of it and its legitimacy, whether based on violence, political writings and rationalism, religious belief, popular acclamation, or visual perception. The collection brings out the different meanings and nuances of power over time and in different geographical spaces. As the editors argue in their conclusion where they look at the meaning of power in the post-modern age, the findings of this book have a reach beyond the academic and should resonate with all those interested in the exercise of power in the modern world.

336 pages

Publication Date: 6/14/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716531081