Colum McCann and The Aesthetics of Redemption

By Eoin Flannery

In this book, author Eoin Flannery takes into account all of Colum McCann's literary fiction to date and considers the ways in which McCann navigates and negotiates between Ireland and the international, and between the past and the contemporary. Unlike many other Irish writers, McCann's fiction is not limited to the 'Irish experience,' but neither is it slavishly global. He transcends the limitations of nationality by exploring the interactions of many different nationalities and cultures. In 2011, Colum McCann won the prestigious 2011 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for his novel Let the Great World Spin. McCann's Irish heritage is a valuable resource in his engagement with the disenfranchised in Irish-American, African-American, and Eastern European histories during the 20th Century. Flannery argues that McCann's writing re-imagines the possibilities of contemporary Irish fiction. The book places Irish history, Irish writing, and Irish cultural life into artistic and ethical dialogue with other marginal cultures.

256 pages

Publication Date: 6/2/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716530497

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