The End of Irish-America?

Globalisation and the Irish Diaspora

By Feargal Cochrane

This book explores the changing relationship between Ireland and America in the modern world. Now available in paperback, its main themes examine the shifting patterns of Irish migration over time and the implications of these changes for the political and cultural relationship between the two countries. The central argument made in the book is that the historic connection between Ireland and America is at a transitional point, and that while Irish-America is not disappearing altogether, it is changing in fundamental ways, mediated by the forces of globalization and modernity. Conceptually, the book focuses on Irish-America as an evolved diaspora, in the sense of being a migrant community that has moved into the political, economic, and cultural mainstream within US society. The eight chapters examine theories of diaspora and migration in the case of Irish-America and bring together interdisciplinary academic literature with new research. A number of important issues lie at the heart of this book for all of us. Where do we belong? Why do we belong there? Does global modernity allow us to mediate between where we are from and where we live, to transcend territorial restrictions and live our lives beyond, or in between, the country of our birth? This book engages with all of these issues in the context of the evolving relationship between Ireland and America.

240 pages

Publication Date: 3/21/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780716530190

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