The Life and After-Life of P.H. Pearse

P?ídraig Mac Piarais: Saol agus Oidhreacht

Edited by: Roisin Higgins, Regina Uí Chollatáin

P.H. Pearse is one of the most contested figures in Irish history and, as an abstracted and abused icon, he has become increasingly detached from the writings and actions of the man. Despite his influence over twentieth-century Irish history and culture, Pearse has been under-studied in recent decades. This volume of essays redresses this academic imbalance and provides a long-overdue study. The Life and After-Life of P.H. Pearse brings together the work of an exciting range of leading contemporary scholars, such as Declan Kiberd, Joost Augusteijn, Angela Bourke and Thomas Hennessey. The book examines personal and family influences and reassesses Pearse as an educationalist, journalist, Irish language advocate, short story writer, radical thinker and political figure. The book revisits the life of Pearse with a view to his relevance to present day theories and teachings on history, language, literature and culture and presents a complete critical work in the lead up to the 100 year commemoration of his death.

274 pages

Publication Date: 4/14/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716530114

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