The Impact of the 1916 Rising

Among the Nations

Edited by: Ruan O'Donnell

A collection of new research on neglected aspects of the 1916 Rising by the top 1916 scholars. The book examines the impact of the Rising within the United Kingdom, British Empire, North America, and Australasia, and provides a fresh context to the new work on key figures such as James Connolly and Padraig Pearse. Contents: Introduction --- Ruan O'Donnell - The Limerick Volunteers and 1916 --- John O'Callaghan - Vanguard of the Revolution? The Irish Citizen Army, 1916 --- Ann Matthews - 'A Land Beyond the Sea': Irish and Scottish Republicans in Dublin, 1916' --- Mairtin Sean O Cathain - The British Labour and Socialist Movement and the 1916 Rising --- David Granville - Antipodean Irish Catholic Responses to the 1916 Rising --- Rory Sweetman - 'The Wilson Administration and the 1916 Rising --- Bernadette Whelan - Journees Sanglantes/ Days of Blood: The French Press and the Easter Rising --- Ian McKeane - The Easter Rising and the First World War. A Contextual Study --- Priscilla Metscher and James Connolly - 'A People That Did Not Exist?: Reflections on Some Sources and Contexts for Patrick Pearse's Militant Nationalism --- Roisin Ni Ghairbhi - 1916: Insurrection or Rebellion? Making Judgements --- Peter Berresford Ellis - 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley': Reflections on the Writing of Irish History in the Period of the Easter Rising and the Irish War of Independence --- Brian P Murphy - Rethinking the Republic: The Republican Movement and 1966 --- Matt Treacy - Appendices: The 1916 Proclamation. Introduction to C. Desmond Greaves, 1916 as History, The Myth of Blood Sacrifice --- Anthony Coughlan - Nominal Roll of the Irish Citizen's Army.

288 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780716529651

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