Irish Tourism 1880-1980

By Irene Furlong

This is the first comprehensive work on the history of Irish tourism development over a hundred year period and examines its economic, cultural and social effects upon the country during this time. The majority of commentators see the history of Irish tourism as beginning in the 1960s and this book demonstrates the fact that strenuous efforts were being made to promote the country as a tourist destination from the 1880s onwards. It includes much information entering the public domain for the first time, including oral history interviews and official documents. The main theme is the approach of successive British and Irish administrations to the question of the promotion of Irish tourism. The author highlights the role played by individuals: politicians; public servants and entrepreneurs, who were dedicated to the growth of the industry as far back as the late nineteenth century and who were crucially important to its progress over the period in question. The social and cultural changes wrought by legislation dealing with the sale of alcohol, holidays with pay, protection of national monuments and training for the hotel and catering trades are also examined. The effects of the troubles in Northern Ireland on tourism north and south of the border is discussed, along with measures to combat the negative impression received by foreigners. The difficulties in agreeing a means of promoting tourism on an all-island basis over the decades is examined, as is the decision to make tourism the first of the industries to be marketed in this way. The book contains many black and white photos as well as two sections of color plates. Included among the color plates are a number of historic postcards by John Hinde who began taking color photographs of the Irish countryside while travelling with the circus. Mr. Hinde hoped to capture the vividness of the Irish countryside, as well as the imagination of his audience. It is in this same spirit that the author wishes to capture the imagination of her readers.

254 pages

Publication Date: 11/18/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716529453