Countdown to Unity

Debating Irish Reunification

By Richard Humphreys

Contributions by: Rory Brady

This book explores how the Good Friday Agreement has put in place the broad outline of how a united Ireland might be achieved by consent. The increasing momentum of nationalist politics in Northern Ireland combined with an ever greater sense of self-confidence in nationalist Ireland as a whole creates an environment in which we can begin to think about the practical steps required to bring a united Ireland into being. It examines the legal implications of a united Ireland and sketches out a programme of action to move towards achieving reunification of the island of Ireland in a spirit of reconciliation and peace. The work looks firstly at the historical legal background to achieving a united Ireland, tracing the evolution of the legal steps required for reunification. Secondly, it looks at the legal changes which could be carried out now with a view to strengthening the case for unity and promoting reconciliation. Finally, it examines the sequence of legal steps required to achieve reunification, from the future border poll, to the subsequent international agreement, and its implementation, and examines the legal measures required to be put in place. The work is the first modern, in-depth and practical legal roadmap to bring about the reunification of the island of Ireland.

228 pages

Publication Date: 11/18/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716528777