Life and Music of Brian Boydell

Edited by: Gareth Cox, Axel Klein, Michael Taylor

Brian Boydell (1917-2000) was one of the most significant Irish composers of the twentieth century. Born in Dublin, he became one of the leading voices of musical modernism in Ireland during the 1940s and 50s. He was one of the first in Irish music to develop a central European outlook, sometimes subconsciously tinged with an Irish element. Many Irishmen and women remember him either as Professor of Singing at the Royal Irish Academy of Music (1944-52), as conductor of the Dublin Orchestral players (1942-67) and of the Dowland Consort (1958-70), as Professor of Music at Trinity College, Dublin (1962-82), or as a frequent broadcaster with Radio ?ireann (later RT?), for his exotic hobbies or for his legendary garden parties at Baily, Howth. After the 1970s he also established an international reputation as a musicologist, without whom the musical life of Dublin in the 18th century would still be largely undiscovered. The book paints a picture of the man and musician, with a biographical chapter by Alex Klein (Bonn), an analytical survey of his music by Gareth Cox (Limerick), interviews by Michael Taylor (Dublin) and an assessment of his achievements as a musicologist by Harry White (Dublin). Appendices include full lists of Boydell's compositions and writings, a bibliography and a discography.

132 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716527626