Maud Gonne's Irish Nationalist Writings, 1895-1946

By Karen Steele

This collection of the political writings of Maud Gonne broadens our understanding of female activism during the foundation of the Irish state. It appreciates the intellectual work of someone too often seen as a beautiful adjunct to famous men: as the muse and unrequited love of W B Yeats, the estranged wife of nationalist hero John MacBride and the mother of human rights activist Sean MacBride. Karen Steele examines the major campaigns of Gonne's political career: amnesty, children and the poor, the cause of Ireland, transnational solidarity, the literary revival and the failures of the Free State. In addition to a chronology of Gonne's life, focusing on the details of her political activism, and an introductory essay on her evolving career as an activist journalist, the book includes explanations of the major political issues and background on the newspapers which published her work. The humanity of Maud Gonne's insights will surprise many. This is a passionate account of Irish wrongs and a fitting testament to a life dedicated to political freedom and social justice.

302 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716527619