Dublin Slums 1800-1925

A Study in Urban Geography

By Jacinta Prunty

Based on source materials, Dublin's historical slum geography is meticulously recreated in this book. The overlapping areas of contagious disease, slum housing, and the support of the poorest form the three main areas of analysis. These issues are explored on scales varying from city-wide to the local street or court, while the final case study examines the dynamic nature of slum creation and efforts at relief and reform, in the particular context of the north city parishes of St. Mary's and St. Michan's. Now back in print, Dublin Slums 1800-1925 was awarded as a Choice Outstanding Academic Book 1998, as well as being a NUI winner of the Irish Historical Research Prize 1997-1998.

384 pages

Publication Date: 12/12/1997
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9780716526902