Irish Diplomacy At the United Nations 1945-65

National Interests and the International Order

By Joseph Morrison Skelly

Irish diplomacy at the United Nations in the post-war era constitutes a compelling chapter in the history of Irish foreign policy. In this period the Irish delegation played a highly visible, constructive role in the General Assembly. Memorable figures like Frank Aiken, Freddy Boland, Eamon Kennedy, Conor Cruise O?Brien and Maire MacEntee pursued Ireland?s interests and, simultaneously, contributed to the international order. They mitigated Cold War tensions; fostered decolonization efforts in Africa and Asia; supported the UN when the Soviet Union launched a vicious assault on the world body; facilitated Irish participation in the Congo peacekeeping operation; and sponsored several initiatives to do with troop withdrawal from Central Europe, the defence of human rights in Tibet, and the nuclear non-proliferation.

Publication Date: 6/12/1997
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ISBN: 9780716525745

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