The Walled Towns of Ireland

Volume 1

By Avril Thomas

Town walls were a common heritage for many Irish towns over long periods. The majority date from the Anglo-Norman period, but trends can be recognized which represent common themes throughout the centuries, especially the use of walled towns as 'refuges' for colonization projects. This study identifies, through surviving structures and documentary and murage evidence, the walled towns of Ireland. It provides a comprehensive investigation of site, shape, size (walled area and circuit length), structure (curtain walls, gates and towers, fosse, ramparts, associated castle/forts, and harbors) and construction, including length of time and financial arrangements. Defensive and other uses are considered. Volume 1 provides a comparative study of walled towns in Ireland, reviews the conceptual basis of towns, and considers the nature and the problems of the evidence available. The distribution of walled towns throughout Ireland is also examined from historical and geographical viewpoints.

214 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/1992
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9780716524748

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