Marketing & Distribution Services Provided by ISBS to Publishers


  • Order Process & shipping within North America.
  • Warehousing & electronic tracking of inventory
  • Picking, packing, & dispatching
  • compliant
  • Returns processing
  • Sales Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • Accounts receivables

Marketing and Promotion

  • Regular mailings of new title announcements
  • Inclusion of your titles (front and back list) in our subject catalogues
  • Direct mail promotion, planning and execution
  • Mailings to libraries, bookstores, professors, policy makers and other specialist buyers
  • Representation at conferences and trade shows
  • Identification of review media and dispatch of review copies

Online Services

  • Frequent data submissions (ONIX 2.1) to the major online bookstores, large customers, Books in Print and other databases
  • EDI interface available to customers to streamline order processing
  • Inclusion of your titles on our web site and in our Amazon storefront -both providing secure order processing and tracking
  • Gateway to your web site from ours
  • Interactive website dedicated to updating your bibliographic information
  • Secure online presentation and archival of monthly sales and inventory reports

Other Services

  • Inspection copy service to facilitate potential text adoptions
  • Toll-free customer service phone line -answered personally by our helpful customer service staff
  • Deposit copy filing with Library of Congress
  • Liaison with your North American authors
  • Consolidated shipping services available from the UK

Requirements for ISBS Representation

To sell your books in America requires considerable effort. Our experience suggests that unless you are producing five or more books per year then generally the administrative and other costs of the effort required to achieve success usually outweigh the benefit of the extra sales.

  • Publisher is able to assign exclusive distribution rights to the North American market to ISBS
  • Produce mainly English language books of a specialty, historical or academic nature in a quality accepted by North American standards
  • Maintain an ongoing publication schedule
  • Produce catalogues or flyers on a regular basis

For more information, please contact:

European Publishers
Stewart Cass
Telephone +44 20 8958 0525
Fax +44 20 8905 4833


Or, for publishers outside of Europe:
Tamma Greenfield
Telephone 1-503-287-3093
Fax 1-503-280-8832