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  • A Hero of Jewish Freedom

    A Hero of Jewish Freedom

    A Modern Joseph's Journey from Hijacker to Rabbi

    By Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich

    Contributions by: David Herman

    Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich was born in the small Baltic state of Latvia after the Second World War, which was under Soviet occupation. Yosef received a Soviet education, far removed from his Jewish faith and culture....

    Ebooks - 9781910383308 - $ 27.95

  • A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium

    A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium

    Survival, Scars and Healing

    By Francine Lazarus

    Francine Lazarus survived WWII in Belgium hidden with strangers, isolated from her family, and moved from place to place. She witnessed murder and was often injured herself. With her father murdered in Auschwitz, her story continues post-war with the young Francine, neglected and abused...

    Ebooks - 9781910383346 - $ 26.95

  • A National Home for the Jewish People

    A National Home for the Jewish People

    The Concept in British Political Thinking and Policy Making 1917-1923

    By Dvorah Barzilay-Yegar

    What was the concept of 'A National Home for the Jewish People,' where did it come from, and how was it defined? Barzilay-Yegar traces the shifting meanings of the phrase from its first coining in the Balfour Declaration...

    Ebooks - 9781910383339 - $ 74.95

  • Britain's Hegemony in Palestine and the Middle East, 1917-56

    Britain's Hegemony in Palestine and the Middle East, 1917-56

    Changing Strategic Imperatives

    By Michael J. Cohen

    From the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the Suez Crisis of 1956, Britain's strategic interests in Palestine and in the Middle East underwent radical changes. A leading authority on the British Mandate in Palestine and the rise of the state of Israel,...

    Ebooks - 9781910383223 - $ 84.95

  • Challenge and Continuity

    Challenge and Continuity

    Rabbinic Responses to Modernity, Science and Tragedy

    By Yoni Birnbaum

    Rabbi Birnbaum's well-organised treatment of the relationship between Torah and science provides insightful guidance. --Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis ***[A]n enlightening and inspiring account of how Orthodox rabbis responded to some of the unprecedented stresses of modernity.--Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks ***A clear...

    Ebooks - 9781910383414 - $ 37.95

  • Chief Rabbi Hertz

    Chief Rabbi Hertz

    The Wars of the Lord

    By Derek Taylor

    Contributions by: Jonathan Sacks

    Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), perhaps Britain's greatest Chief Rabbi, led his community through two World Wars and was instrumental in the rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazism. He published many books and edited the seminal Hertz Chumash....

    Ebooks - 9780853039198 - $ 84.95

  • Defenders of the Faith

    Defenders of the Faith

    The History of Jews' College and the London School of Jewish Studies

    By Derek Taylor

    Contributions by: Raymond Apple

    Although Jews were readmitted to England in 1661, nearly 200 years later there was an election for Chief Rabbi where the short list of candidates were all German. Today the community takes...

    Ebooks - 9781910383148 - $ 59.95

  • Echoes of a Lost Voice

    Echoes of a Lost Voice

    Encounters with Primo Levi

    By Gabriella Poli, Giorgio Calcagno

    Edited by: Carole Angier

    Contributions by: Nat Paterson

    Primo Levi-chemist, Italian, Jew, survivor of Auschwitz-was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. His masterpiece, If This Is a Man, is still one of the most widely read books on...

    Ebooks - 9781910383452 - $ 74.95

  • Faith Without Fear

    Faith Without Fear

    Unresolved Issues in Modern Orthodoxy

    By Michael J. Harris

    Faith without Fear examines key unresolved philosophical, theological, and ideological issues in the Modern Orthodox Jewish world, including Modern Orthodoxy and Haredi Orthodoxy as competing heirs to the pre-modern Jewish tradition, the challenge to traditional faith posed by modern biblical scholarship, and...

    Ebooks - 9780853039099 - $ 89.95

  • Fighting Back

    Fighting Back

    British Jewry's Military Contribution in the Second World War - New Edition

    By Martin Sugarman

    Contributions by: Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie GCB LVO OBE DL, Sir Martin Gilbert PC

    This newly updated book is a response to the oft-perpetrated myths of British Jewry's lack of fighting spirit and its...

    Ebooks - 9781910383384 - $ 74.95