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  • Chief Rabbi Hertz

    Chief Rabbi Hertz

    The Wars of the Lord

    By Derek Taylor

    Contributions by: Jonathan Sacks

    Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), perhaps Britain's greatest Chief Rabbi, led his community through two World Wars and was instrumental in the rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazism. He published many books and edited the seminal Hertz Chumash....

    Ebooks - 9780853039198 - $ 84.95

  • Faith Without Fear

    Faith Without Fear

    Unresolved Issues in Modern Orthodoxy

    By Michael J. Harris

    Faith without Fear examines key unresolved philosophical, theological, and ideological issues in the Modern Orthodox Jewish world, including Modern Orthodoxy and Haredi Orthodoxy as competing heirs to the pre-modern Jewish tradition, the challenge to traditional faith posed by modern biblical scholarship, and...

    Ebooks - 9780853039099 - $ 89.95

  • Forgetting to Remember

    Forgetting to Remember

    Religious Remembrance and the Literary Response to the Holocaust

    By Sheridan Marshall

    Forgetting to Remember examines the remembrance of the Holocaust in literary texts by six European writers: Paul Celan, Geoffrey Hill, Gunter Grass, Imre Kertesz, Peter Weiss, and Samuel Beckett. Close readings of canonical texts - such as Grass's The...

    Ebooks - 9780853038290 - $ 89.95

  • From Nuremberg to Hollywood

    From Nuremberg to Hollywood

    The Holocaust and the Courtroom in American Fictive Film

    By James Jordan

    From Nuremberg to Hollywood is a transformative book that explores the evolving relationship between the act of bearing witness to the Holocaust in the courtroom, and how this is perceived and imagined by American film. The book transforms the...

    Ebooks - 9780853038665 - $ 89.95

  • In the Shadows of Memory

    In the Shadows of Memory

    The Holocaust and the Third Generation

    Edited by: David Slucki, Jordana Silverstein, Esther Jilovsky

    This book is the first of its kind: an exploration of the experiences of the Third Generation - the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors - who have particular relationships to the Holocaust, mediated through their interactions...

    Ebooks - 9780853039297 - $ 89.95

  • Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism

    Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism

    By Pam Fox

    Contributions by: MichaelA. Meyer

    This book shows how Israel Mattuck was probably the most influential figure in the development of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in the UK and the wider Liberal Jewish movement through his involvement with the World Union for Progressive Judaism, which he chaired from...

    Ebooks - 9780853038887 - $ 84.95

  • Loyal Sons

    Loyal Sons

    Jews in the German Army in the Great War

    By Peter C. Appelbaum

    During World War I, approximately 100,000 Jews served in the German army, of whom around 80,000 fought on the Front and 12,500 were killed, died, or went missing in action. About 35,000 were decorated, 23,000 promoted, and more...

    Ebooks - 9780853039389 - $ 79.95

  • Personal Engagement and the Study of the Holocaust

    Personal Engagement and the Study of the Holocaust

    Edited by: Noah Benninga, Katrin Stoll

    Can we have an objective history of a modernist event such as the Holocaust? How much 'historical distance' does, can, or should a historian have? Since Hayden White's Metahistory (1973), we have become used to asking these questions. Saul Friedlander's 1992 Probing the...

    Ebooks - 9781910383063 - $ 89.00

  • Rescue the Perishing

    Rescue the Perishing

    Eleanor Rathbone and the Refugees

    By Susan Cohen

    Now available in paperback, Rescue the Perishing is the first study to date of Eleanor Rathbone's commitment to the 'refugee question' from 1933 until her death in 1946. It explains how, from a working life devoted to championing the cause of the disadvantaged,...

    Ebooks - 9781910383094 - $ 75.00

  • The Jewish Year Book 2015

    The Jewish Year Book 2015

    Edited by: Elkan D. Levy, Derek Taylor

    For over 115 years, readers have been referring to The Jewish Year Book for information regarding Britain's Jewish community - the institutions, the organizations, the charities, contact details, and a who's who of personalities. The Jewish Year Book 2015 also provides details...

    Ebooks - 9780853039884 - $ 69.95