UWAP Poetry

  • A Personal History of Vision

    A Personal History of Vision

    By Luke Fischer

    A Personal History of Vision expands on the concerns of Fischer's acclaimed first collection Paths of Flight and embodies what Judith Beveridge has described as his 'seemingly effortless ability to blend visual detail and imaginative vision.' Intertwining the personal and the historical, the modern and the primeval,...

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  • Afloat in Light

    Afloat in Light

    By David Ades

    David Ades' luminous and honest collection, Afloat in Light, is chiefly a celebration of fatherhood and of paying attention, utilising Simone Weil's notion that 'attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity'. The collection extends to existence and loss, and a discourse on motive and meaning....

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  • Border Security

    Border Security

    By Bruce Dawe

    'With each change of poetic clothes, at each moment, [Dawe] displays us ironically, satirically, good-humouredly to ourselves, with a warmth and sadness for humanity's follies.' - Thea Astley, Three Australian Writers 'Bruce Dawe is that rare phenomenon, a natural poet with a superlative feeling for language.' -...

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  • Charlie Twirl

    Charlie Twirl

    By Alan Gould

    From the intrigue of his earlier poetry in fatalism and the mysteries of character, Alan Gould's interest has moved to music. In many of the poems in this book, the folk songs or the homages to Vaughan Williams, his enquiry is one of synaesthesia: What is it...

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  • Chromatic


    By Paul Munden

    Munden's vivid, well realised poems range across hemispheres and centuries, embracing music, art, film, historical events, and the potent catalysts of love, illness and death. In these pages our human frailties are apprehended with both a clear eye and a tender attentiveness.--Judy Johnson ***"In Chromatic, Munden's superb...

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  • Communists Like Us

    Communists Like Us

    By John Falzon

    Communists Like Us is a simple love story, a little fiction told in a hundred poems, a hundred little places to live large, fragments of a story of love in a time of struggle. But then, when isn't it a time of struggle? And when is a...

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  • Dark Convicts

    Dark Convicts

    By Judy Johnson

    It is a little known fact that eleven African American convicts arrived in Australia on the First Fleet in 1788. Two of these ex-slaves were the author's ancestors. In extensively researched poems, award-winning writer Judy Johnson vividly portrays scenes from her black forebearers' lives, both before transportation...

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  • Fingertip of the Tongue

    Fingertip of the Tongue

    By Sarah Rice

    No longer knowing which is sweeter / the cherry or the feel of the word in my mouth Fingertip of the Tongue explores the texture, tone, taste, and touch of language. These are poems that feel their way through word and world with tongue and ear and...

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  • Flute of Milk

    Flute of Milk

    By Susan Fealy

    Flute of Milk is Susan Fealy's first full-length collection of poems after years of publication in Australian and US journals and anthologies, including Poetry (Chicago), Island, Cordite, Rabbit, and the Anthology of Australian Contemporary Feminist Poetry (Hunter, 2016). This collection is in two parts, with each one...

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  • Fume


    By Phillip Hall

    Phillip Hall's Fume" is a hymn and a love song for Borroloola on the Gulf of Carpentaria, and for the Yanyuwa, Mara, Gudanji & Garrawa peoples. One poem at time, Hall undertakes the crucial work of decolonising his own gaze as he walks through 'Indigenous space', led...

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