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University Press of Southern Denmark (Denmark), founded in 1966, is the largest university press in Denmark. Since its inception it has published more than 2,000 titles. Their publications make a contribution to the fields of history, population studies, classical studies and linguistics. Philosophy is an expanding field for this press. They are also strong in medieval studies and literary criticism. They produce books in several languages, and while ISBS actively stocks their books in English, ISBS can obtain for you copies of their foreign language publications.

  • A Fusion of Traditions

    A Fusion of Traditions

    Liturgical Music in the Copenhagen Synagogue

    By Jane Mink Rossen, Uri Sharvit

    Danish Jewry is the oldest minority in Denmark, with a history reaching back 400 years. The music still used in the Copenhagen synagogue was an offshoot of 19th-century developments in the synagogues of Vienna and Berlin that accompanied...

    Paper & CD - 9788776740382 - $ 27.25

  • A Global Citizen

    A Global Citizen

    Letter to My Descendents Part II

    By Niels Aage Skov

    A Global Citizen is the second installment of the autobiography by Niels Aage Skov. It will be welcomed by the many who have clamored for "the rest of the story" after reading Letter to My Descendants, a memoir of his life...

    Paper - 9788776741532 - $ 29.50

  • A Good Place to Live

    A Good Place to Live

    On How Municipality Level Characteristics Explain Municipality Level Variation in Children's Placement Risk (Study Paper No. 29)

    By Signe Hald Andersen

    Previous studies find significant community-level differences in the out-of-home placement rates of children. However, it remains unclear which community-level factors, other than geographical factors, explain the differences in placement rates....

    Paper - 9788790199418 - $ 9.75

  • A Guide to Sources for the History of the Danish West Indies (US Virgin Islands)

    A Guide to Sources for the History of the Danish West Indies (US Virgin ...


    By Erik Gobel

    The Danish West Indies - the islands of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix - were a traditional Caribbean colony, characterized by sugar production, trade, and shipping. The colony was under the Danish flag from 1671 until 1917, since which time the islands have been known...

    Cloth - 9788778387219 - $ 27.00

  • A Guide To Training in Clinical Pharmacology in Europe

    A Guide To Training in Clinical Pharmacology in Europe

    Edited by: Kim Brosen

    340 pages

    Publication Date: 6/19/1999
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9788778384591

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Paper - 9788778384591 - $ 25.00

  • A History of Translation and Interpretation

    A History of Translation and Interpretation

    The Chinese Versions of Hans Christian Andersen's Tales

    By Wenjie Li

    H.C. Andersen's tales are considered classical fairy tales in China. How they have achieved this canonical status is one of the concerns of this book. Taking a historical point of view, the author explains how the Chinese translations and interpretations...

    Cloth - 9788740830972 - $ 38.00

  • A Linguist's Credo

    A Linguist's Credo

    Selected Papers

    Paul Christophersen (1911-1999) is one of Denmark's foremost Anglicists. As a young graduate of Copenhagen University he assisted Otto Jespersen with the preparation of one of the volumes og the latter's Modern English Grammar. He himself achieved a doctorate with a ground-breaking thesis, published as The Articles in (1939)....

    Paper - 9788778384058 - $ 28.00

  • A Panel Study of Immigrant Poverty Dynamics and Income Mobility - Denmark, 1984 - 2007

    A Panel Study of Immigrant Poverty Dynamics and Income Mobility - Denmar...

    Study Paper No. 34

    By Peder J. Pedersen

    In cross-country poverty studies, Denmark, like the other Nordic countries, stands out with low rates of poverty incidence and duration. This study paper shows that this is the net outcome of very different poverty profiles between natives and immigrants. It describes and analyzes...

    Paper - 9788790199562 - $ 12.00

  • A Sense of Belonging

    A Sense of Belonging

    Morkinskinna and Icelandic Identity, c. 1220

    By Armann Jakobsson

    Contributions by: Fredrik Heinemann

    Morkinskinna is a 13th-century Icelandic saga that portrays the kings who ruled Norway in the 11th and 12th centuries. It emerged during a particularly fertile period of composition of Icelandic kings' sagas, and marks a key moment in...

    Cloth - 9788776748456 - $ 50.00

  • Across the North Sea

    Across the North Sea

    Later Historical Archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c. 1500-2000 AD

    Edited by: Henrik Harnow, Paul Bedford, David Cranstone, Lene Host-Madsen

    What is historical archaeology? What are the challenges facing archaeologists looking at the remains of the last 500 years? What are the issues for archaeology itself in today's...

    Paper - 9788776746582 - $ 40.00