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Unisa Press (The University of South Africa Press) has been publishing research work since 1956. Over the past fifty years, it has developed a strong publishing list with both books and journals. The Press is committed to promoting scholarly communication through its publications of outstanding research work. Focusing on the social sciences and the humanities, Unisa Press produces books that are both timely and intriguing.

  • 'we remember differently'

    'we remember differently'

    Race, Memory, Imagination

    Edited by: Jyoti Mistry, Jordache A Ellapen

    Using the short film We Remember Differently (2005) as a focal point, this collection of essays addresses the conditions of cultural production in post-apartheid South Africa. Practiced in an apartheid context, art was strongly motivated as 'struggle art,' but in...

    Paper & DVD - 9781868886937 - $ 29.00

  • (De) Monopolising Paradise

    (De) Monopolising Paradise

    Edited by: Sultan Khan, Lubna Nadvi

    (De)Monopolising Paradise argues that some interpretations of Islamic texts serve to distance Islam from other communities. Originally published as Islam and Non-Muslims by M.I. Meer in 1956, this edited version offers an in-depth interpretation of Quranic verses, with the idea that unlike other...

    Paper - 9781868886944 - $ 24.00

  • 50 Years of the Freedom Charter

    50 Years of the Freedom Charter

    Edited by: Raymond Suttner, Jeremy Cronin

    A revised edition of the earlier 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, which was banned for possession under apartheid. Such banning meant that the book could no longer be sold but even having it in one's possession could lead to prosecution. The work...

    Paper - 9781868883752 - $ 38.00

  • 80:20:00


    Development in an Unequal World (Sixth Edition)

    Edited by: Colm Regan

    This volume offers an introductory and accessible overview of key issues, debates, and perspectives in human development and human rights worldwide. The book explores topics such as human development, sustainability, justice, women's rights, international inequality patterns, aid, education, and ideas...

    Paper & DVD - 9780956718549 - $ 25.00

  • Above the Skyline

    Above the Skyline

    Reverend Tsietsi Thandekiso and the Founding of an African Gay Church

    By Graeme Reid

    Above the Skyline is both an ethnographic study of the Hope and Unity Metropolitan Community Church (HUMCC) in Johannesburg and an historic biography of the church's Reverend Tsietsi Thandekiso. Author Graeme Reid became interested in this church...

    Paper - 9781868885541 - $ 30.00

  • Africa Leads

    Africa Leads

    Edited by: United Nations Global Compact

    Business case studies within Africa, presented in a lavishly large, coffee-table format, full-colour. Real-life successes of African businesses, containing 87 inspiring stories on sustainable development within Africa.

    207 pages

    Publication Date: 1/1/2006
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9781868884377

    Cloth - 9781868884377 - $ 53.90

  • African Initiatives in Healing Ministry

    African Initiatives in Healing Ministry

    By Lilian Dube, Stephen Hayes, Tabona Shoko

    Healing ministry is becoming more prominent in many different Christian traditions in Southern Africa. In the past, it was largely confined to the 'Spirit-type' African Independent Churches (AICs), where it was (and still is) a recruitment technique par excellence. For these...

    Paper - 9781868885664 - $ 32.00

  • African Oral Story-Telling Tradition and the Zimbabwean Novel in English

    African Oral Story-Telling Tradition and the Zimbabwean Novel in English

    By Maurice Vambe

    This study presents a break with previous literary criticism that has vilified orality, in an effort to understand the interface between orality and the black Zimbabwean novel. It traces the ways in which the African oral story-telling tradition has survived within the black Zimbabwean novel in English....

    Paper - 9781868883042 - $ 14.95

  • African Theology/Black Theology in South Africa

    African Theology/Black Theology in South Africa

    Looking Back, Moving On

    By Mokgethi Motlhabi

    Mothlabi explores the origins and sources of Black theology in context. It further highlights the two bases of African traditional morality, the humanistic and the religious, and also investigates the move towards an ethical method for Black Theology. The author proceeds to broach issues...

    Paper - 9781868884339 - $ 29.00

  • Afrikamasutra


    Contributions by: Diek Grobler, Hardus Koekemoer, Marna Schoeman

    The Kama Sutra can be seen as the standard work on human sexual behavior, originally written in Sanskrit by Vatsyayana between the 1st and 6th century AD. The work was called the 'Vatsyayana Kama Sutra' or 'Aphorisms on Love by...

    Cloth - 9781868887255 - $ 38.00