• Anywhere


    A mythogeography of South Devon and how to walk it

    By Phil Smith (Cecile Oak)

    Mythogeographer Phil Smith has been walking, exploring, photographing, filming, talking, and writing about South Devon for about 20 years. He has absorbed it, and it him. In Anywhere, walking and writing as character Cecile Oak (a...

    Paper - 9781911193128 - $ 25.00

  • Archipelago


    A Journey Across Indonesia

    By Ian Burnet

    Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago nation, comprising over 17,000 islands. It is the most culturally diverse nation, containing an extraordinary melange of races, religions, languages, and cultures. In this book, author Ian Burnet takes a journey across the archipelago. He intertwines the history...

    Cloth - 9781925078602 - $ 39.95

  • Austria and America

    Austria and America

    Cross-Cultural Encounters 1865-1933

    Edited by: Joshua Parker, Ralph J. Poole

    While the end of the US's civil war marked a boom in US tourism in Europe, Austria's own civil war in 1934 both curtailed American tourism in Austria and marked a small, but important, wave of Austrian emigration to the...

    Paper - 9783643905765 - $ 44.95

  • Auvergne


    By Peter Cattermole

    Auvergne is endowed with spectacular scenery, highly accessible geology, well preserved volcanic and glacial landforms, and a variety of rock types. Based on well-tried itineraries and extensive research, this field guide provides an authoritative and fully illustrated introduction to Auvergne. (Series: Classic Geology in Europe)

    176 pages

    Publication Date:...

    Paper - 9781903544051 - $ 39.50

  • Canary Islands

    Canary Islands

    By Juan Carlos Carracedo, Simon Day

    Rising from the floor of the Atlantic the seven Canary Islands are related to a mantle plume or hotspot. The islands' geology is characterized by a wide range of volcanic and intrusive rocks, exposed in spectacular scenery and easily reached by road and...

    Paper - 9781903544075 - $ 39.50

  • Cyprus


    By Stephen Edwards, Karen Hudson-Edwards, Joe Cann, John Malpas, Costas Xenophontos

    The island of Cyprus is a truly classic area of geology in Europe. Perhaps nowhere else on Earth does so small an area provide such an excellent illustration of the dynamics of Earth processes through...

    Paper - 9781903544150 - $ 39.50

  • Discover Western Australia

    Discover Western Australia

    By Jocelyn Burt

    Contributions by: Jocelyn Burt

    Discover Western Australia offers travellers and visitors a glimpse of the astonishing variety of attractions this vast state has to offer. From its tropical north to the cool temperate south, Western Australia is a land of stunning contrasts. Jocelyn Burt explores some of...

    Paper - 9781875560844 - $ 14.95

  • Don't Mention the Wars

    Don't Mention the Wars

    A Journey through European Stereotypes

    By Tony Connelly

    This is a Brysonesque journey through European stereotypes, written by RTE's high-profile European correspondent, Tony Connelly. It is an amusing, topical, witty, and fascinating look at Europe and Europeans. Connelly goes on a quest to discover the origins and veracity behind the stereotypes...

    Paper - 9781848400269 - $ 27.00

  • Enchanted Things

    Enchanted Things

    Signposts to a New Nomadism

    By Phil Smith

    Publication Date: 3/10/2014
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9781909470354

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

    Paper - 9781909470354 - $ 10.50

  • Exploring A Wild Australian Coast

    Exploring A Wild Australian Coast

    On the South Coast of New South Wales

    By Klaus Hueneke

    In this book, often humorous and sometimes intimate observations of Australia's wildlife, people, and places are interwoven with aspects of natural history, botany, ecology, and geography. The book is based on 20 years of first hand experiences from numerous camping,...

    Paper - 9781925078299 - $ 14.99