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Sussex Academic Press services the international academic community and promotes learning and scholarship to a global audience. The editorial and production staff are committed to publishing to the highest standards across a wide range of academic subject disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Press’s publishing program addresses issues of contemporary relevance and debate on topics such as Middle East Studies, Theology & Religion, History, and Literary Criticism. University editorship and publishing cooperation with universities mostly falls under the Sussex Libraries of Study, which include studies on the history of Latin America, First Nations, and Spain, as well as, Asian Studies, and now Portuguese Studies. Sussex Academic Press has been serving the academic community for 21 years.
  • The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Fragments of Memory

    Edited by: Kristin Ruggiero

    Since the 1970s, the Latin American Jewish Diaspora has been recognized as a unique phenomenon in diaspora studies, due to the development of new ways of thinking about internationalism and globalization. Important works of the 1980s and 1990s established the critical role of Jews...

    Paper - 9781845194147 - $ 34.95

  • The Figure Concealed

    The Figure Concealed

    Wallace Stevens, Music, and Valeryan Echoes

    By Lisa Goldfarb

    In a letter from January 1955, Wallace Stevens referred to Paul Valery as a "prodigy of poetry." Stevens' correspondence reveals that he was long familiar with both Valery's poetry and prose. Scholars from the early days of Stevens criticism to the present...

    Cloth - 9781845194376 - $ 69.95

  • Spain's Martyred Cities

    Spain's Martyred Cities

    From the Battle of Madrid to Picasso's Guernica

    By Martin Minchom

    Spain's Martyred Cities studies international reactions to the Spanish Civil War between the Battle of Madrid in November 1936 and the bombing of Guernica in April 1937. Many of the iconic events of the war belong to this key period,...

    Paper - 9781845197834 - $ 39.95

  • Yigal Allon

    Yigal Allon

    A Neglected Political Legacy, 1949-1980

    By Udi Manor

    Yigal Allon was a major contributor to the nation building process of the State of Israel. He did so from multiple positions he held in government. Between 1961 and 1968 he served as Labor Minister. In 1968 he became the Absorption minister and...

    Cloth - 9781845198800 - $ 74.95

  • Philip Larkin

    Philip Larkin

    Subversive Writer

    By Stephen Cooper

    Overturning many of the established perspectives on Larkin's poetry and prose, Cooper's book presents new evidence from a range of previously unpublished sources, and is the first full-length critical work to analyze Larkin's early fiction, as well as advance new readings of The Less Deceived, The...

    Cloth - 9781845190002 - $ 65.00

  • The Threat of Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East

    The Threat of Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East

    Active Defense and Counter-Measures

    Edited by: Arieh Stav

    The potential threat from primitive, inexpensive ballistic missiles, especially when armed with means of mass destruction, represents a major development in the arms race. The accelerated escalation in the number, range, and load-carrying capabilities of the missiles in the last decade has occurred...

    Cloth - 9781845190019 - $ 67.50

  • The Middle East Strategic Balance 2003-2004

    The Middle East Strategic Balance 2003-2004

    Edited by: Yiftah S. Shapir, Shai Feldman

    The Middle East Strategic Balance [formerly the Middle East Military Balance] is prepared annually by the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University, to provide an authoritative and indispensable guide to strategic developments and military capabilities in the Middle East. Governments,...

    Cloth - 9781845190026 - $ 67.50

  • Trauma and Ethics in the Novels of Graham Swift

    Trauma and Ethics in the Novels of Graham Swift

    No Short-Cuts to Salvation

    By Stef Craps

    This book offers a critical reading of the novels of Graham Swift in light of recent developments in literary theory and criticism. It shows how the novels elaborate an ethics of alterity by means of a detailed study of one of Swift's most persistent...

    Cloth - 9781845190040 - $ 65.00

  • English Catholic Historians and the English Reformation

    English Catholic Historians and the English Reformation


    By John Vidmar

    For almost 400 years, Roman Catholics have been writing about the English Reformation, but their contributions have been largely ignored by the scholarly world and the reading public. Thus the myths of corrupt monasteries, a "Bloody" Mary, and a "Good" Queen Bess have established themselves in the...

    Cloth - 9781845190071 - $ 69.95

  • Syria and the Doctrine of Arab Neutralism

    Syria and the Doctrine of Arab Neutralism

    From Independence to Dependence

    By Rami Ginat

    This book examines the modern history of post-mandatory Syria. The evolution of the Syrian ideology and policy of neutralism since the early stages of the Cold War is explained, and the effects that Arab neutralism had on shaping Syria's foreign policy and the shaping...

    Cloth - 9781845190088 - $ 69.50