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  • ADR and Trusts

    ADR and Trusts

    An international guide to arbitration and mediation of trust disputes

    By Grant Jones, Peter Pexton

    Settling trust disputes without litigation can save all parties legal costs and maintain confidentiality (reducing the risk of unwelcome publicity). ADR and Trusts has been written to help professional advisers who want to help their...

    Ebooks - 9781907444456 - $ 160.00

  • Childcare Choices and Costs

    Childcare Choices and Costs

    A practical guide to employment and tax issues

    By Alison Haynes

    This book is primarily for parents looking for a source of information when comparing the different types of childcare available in the UK. It provides information on the financial consequences, commitments, and obligations that come with each of the different...

    Ebooks - 9781910151211 - $ 34.95

  • Lessons Not Learned

    Lessons Not Learned

    10 Steps to Stable Financial Markets

    By Susanne Trimbath

    ''In a time of mind-boggling complexity in financial regulation - too complex, according to Ben Bernanke, for the Federal Reserve System to understand its impact - Lessons Not Learned is a refreshing call to return to a simpler, more basic approach. Susanne...

    Ebooks - 9781910151259 - $ 39.95

  • Marylebone Lives

    Marylebone Lives

    Rogues, romantics and rebels. Character studies of locals since the eighteenth century.

    Edited by: Mark Riddaway, Carl Upsall

    Historically, Marylebone (an inner-city area of central London) has uniquely been home to people, places, and events - as well as a fair share of rogues, villains, and eccentrics - that have...

    Ebooks - 9781910151044 - $ 24.95

  • Taxation of Small Businesses

    Taxation of Small Businesses


    By Malcolm James

    This is a practical UK guide to all aspects of direct taxation of a small business. It is ideal for sole practitioners and small partnerships, but will be a handy reference guide for all UK tax advisers. The book gives a clear explanation of the relevant legislation...

    Ebooks - 9781910151082 - $ 135.00

  • Taxation of Small Businesses

    Taxation of Small Businesses


    By Malcolm James

    The Taxation of Small Businesses 2016-17 is a practical guide to all aspects of direct taxation of small businesses in one volume. It is ideal for sole practitioners and small partnerships, but will be a handy reference guide for all tax advisers. The book aims to give...

    Ebooks - 9781910151181 - $ 135.00

  • The UK Tax System

    The UK Tax System

    An Introduction (Third Edition)

    By Malcolm James

    The third edition of The UK Tax System provides a guide to the structure of the UK tax system, the interaction between UK and EU law, and its application to various classes of taxpayer, as well as explaining the roles of the government departments...

    Ebooks - 9781904905899 - $ 49.95

  • VAT and Financial Services

    VAT and Financial Services

    (Third Edition)

    By Mark Chesham

    VAT and Financial Services takes the reader through the relevant legislation and case law, the legal concepts such as time and place of supply, the distinction between goods and services, what is taxable, and the interaction of these elements; examines the consequences of outsourcing (through a...

    Ebooks - 9781910151532 - $ 77.95

  • VAT and Property

    VAT and Property

    By Ann L. Humphrey, John Davison

    This book offers clear and practical guidance on the application of UK Value Added Tax (VAT) to UK property transactions, providing assistance to individuals, property businesses, and professionals. It covers guidance on VAT and property issues such as: Introduction to VAT Concepts (terminology,...

    Ebooks - 9781904905745 - $ 125.00

  • VAT and the NHS

    VAT and the NHS

    A technical guide (Second edition)

    By Martin Kaney

    VAT & the NHS is both a reference manual and a practical guide to managing VAT in the NHS. The book provides a comprehensive overview of VAT in the context of the NHS. It does not assume that readers are specialists in either...

    Ebooks - 9781910151228 - $ 110.00