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Rosenberg Publishing (Australia) founded in 2002 by publishers with many years experience, produces books on a variety of topics. They publish in History, including: Maritime, Military, and Engineering, and Agricultural History. They also publish in the Natural Sciences. In 2009 David Rosenberg was awarded the George Robertson Service to the Publishing Industry Award for his many years and outstanding activity in the business.

  • 30 Days on Australia's Railways

    30 Days on Australia's Railways

    A Diary of September Journeys

    By David Burke

    Over the years in Australia, September has been considered a month when particularly memorable railway events tend to occur. This book is a 'diary' that documents, day by day, major happenings to do with railways in Australia: from the days of steam, to...

    Paper - 9781925078398 - $ 24.95

  • A Celebration of Wattle

    A Celebration of Wattle

    Australia's National Emblem

    By Maria Hitchcock

    The Wattle is a type of Acacia found in Australia. The Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle) is Australia's floral emblem. It is a tree which flowers in late winter and spring, producing a mass of fragrant, fluffy, golden flowers. To the people of Australia, the Wattle...

    Paper - 9781921719561 - $ 29.95

  • A Concise Companion to Aboriginal History

    A Concise Companion to Aboriginal History

    Second, Revised Edition

    By Malcolm Prentis

    This book - now in paperback - is an overview of Australian Aboriginal history, from creation stories involving the Dreaming through to Aboriginal cultural and political activity in the 21st century. Alphabetically arranged entries include biographies, historical events, pioneering work by anthropologists, historical controversies, literature,...

    Paper - 9781921719035 - $ 19.95

  • A Country Garden

    A Country Garden

    Creating a Garden in Rural Australia

    By Fiona Ogilvie

    Gardening is about discovering which plants grow best in a given environment, and creating the setting which combines them in an attractive way. Author Fiona Ogilvie writes about her search for the best plants for gardening in Australia's New South Wales Central...

    Paper - 9781877058530 - $ 29.95

  • A History of Antarctica

    A History of Antarctica

    By Stephen Martin

    This revised and expanded book - first published in 1996 - traces the patterns of human activity in Antarctica, from the southern journeys of the 16th century to the modern expeditions of adventurers and tourists. Using material from diaries, letters, and fresh research, the book illuminates the...

    Cloth - 9781921719578 - $ 49.95

  • A Life with Roses

    A Life with Roses

    By David Ruston

    This is the story of David Ruston, a man whose proficiency with flowers is legendary. His lectures and demonstrations on "the art of the old masters" impart memorable, detailed information about master painters and the flowers they used while creating their beautiful masterpieces. One of the world's...

    Cloth - 9781921719097 - $ 49.95

  • A Man of Intelligence

    A Man of Intelligence

    The Life of Captain Theodore Eric Nave, Australian Codebreaker Extraordinary

    By Ian Pfennigwerth

    Eric Nave, an Australian naval officer, was the first to unravel Japanese naval telegraphy and to break Imperial Japanese Navy codes. Nave's success in penetrating Japan's codes ensured that, in the South West Pacific area, Allied operational forces...

    Paper - 9781877058417 - $ 29.95

  • A Reptile On My Tractor

    A Reptile On My Tractor

    The Rampant Robot and other stories

    By Graeme R. Quick

    Following the publication of Tall but True Tractor Tales, author Graeme R. Quick has unearthed 50 more stories related to tractors and farm machines (more tall but true tales), as well as those who operate them. Most of the individuals whose...

    Paper - 9781925078183 - $ 14.99

  • A Study in Black and White

    A Study in Black and White

    The Aborigines in Australian History (Third Revised Edition)

    By Malcolm Prentis

    Many changes have occurred in Aboriginal history in the last twenty years...there have been sharp challenges to our understanding of the whole of the past, before and since 1988. The past itself has been even more hotly contested than before...

    Paper - 9781877058783 - $ 29.95

  • A Voyage to New Holland and Round the World

    A Voyage to New Holland and Round the World

    By Captain James Colnett RN

    Edited by: G. A. Mawer

    No mariner knew the wide Pacific better than James Colnett, RN. He had sailed with Cook; he had filibustered in the north-west Pacific fur trade (nearly starting a war with Spain in the process); he had made a whaling reconnaissance...

    Paper - 9781925078893 - $ 19.95