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  • America's Common Bond

    America's Common Bond

    Why English should be the official language of the United States

    By Saumyajit Ray

    In the United States, cultural pluralism and the governmental programs it has inspired, such as bilingual education and multilingual ballots, have convinced many recent immigrants that it is not necessary to learn English to become an American....

    Cloth - 9788184050608 - $ 49.00

  • Black Tuesday and After

    Black Tuesday and After

    By B.N. Rao, L.S. Ramaiah

    The book mainly deals with the brief history of the World Trade Center and its fall on 11th September, 2001 by terrorists' attacks. In this book, the author has given the day-to-day details of the attacks carried out by the allied forces and the...

    Cloth - 9788188583676 - $ 18.00

  • Builders of the Global Village

    Builders of the Global Village

    By Amjad Ali

    This book provides information on the lives of the ten great international thinkers, writers, scientists, and engineers of all times who pioneered the Information Revolution. It encompasses their biographical accounts, innovations, and individual contribution to society. These fascinating personalities include Johannes Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, Gulielmo Marconi,...

    Cloth - 9788184050325 - $ 32.00

  • Children's Rights as Basic Human Rights

    Children's Rights as Basic Human Rights

    Sensitization of Stakeholders

    Edited by: R. Ganga, M. Supputhai

    Children are valuable assets to the nation of India. India's children are the citizens of tomorrow and their role in nation building should not be underestimated. With this in mind, India's central and state governments are monitoring the issues of child...

    Cloth - 9788184050394 - $ 46.00

  • Civilization in Islam

    Civilization in Islam

    By M. Abbas

    The present work touches upon all the aspects of Islam. Beginning with evolution, struggle, fendamentals of Islam, values, polity and concluding at the present state of Islamic society, thus making this a comprehensive study of civilization in Islam. This study also presents the critical and comparitive review...

    Cloth - 9788188583898 - $ 44.00

  • Common Drug Plants and Ayurvedic Remedies

    Common Drug Plants and Ayurvedic Remedies

    By Anil K. Dhiman

    This book aims to provide a bird's eye view on common drug plants found in Indian subcontinent. This book is divided into three parts, first part is introductory, second part contains information about common plants of the country and the third part deals with ayurvedic remedies...

    Cloth - 9788188583515 - $ 74.00

  • Communication Management

    Communication Management

    By Narendra Tripathi

    The present book provides the reader with a comprehensive idea about modern communication system and its impact on the lifestyles of people and society at large.

    336 pages

    Publication Date: 8/9/2005
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9788188583904

    Cloth - 9788188583904 - $ 39.00

  • Computer Applications for Journalism

    Computer Applications for Journalism

    By Rahul Singhai

    Advances in computer applications and information systems have created new opportunities as well as challenges to the journalism resources. Information support systems are designed in a way to help solve some of the concerns and challenges of managing information resources on persons, groups and organizations. Without doubt,...

    Cloth - 9788184050080 - $ 31.00

  • Conflict Resolution in South Asia

    Conflict Resolution in South Asia

    Edited by: V. Suryanarayan, Teresa Joseph

    Moving from the global to the local, within varying theoretical perspectives, this book provides diverse views on the conceptual issues relating to conflict resolution, focusing on specific themes of concern to South Asia. The book's articles will enrich readers, providing new insights into...

    Cloth - 9788184050790 - $ 53.00

  • Contours of India's Foreign Policy

    Contours of India's Foreign Policy

    Changes and Challenges

    Edited by: Mohammed Badrul Alam

    Ever since India achieved independence in 1947, the country has strived diligently to adopt a foreign policy that has been commensurate with its national interests. During the Cold War period, India consciously chose not to align with any major power bloc and instead...

    Cloth - 9788184050820 - $ 44.00