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  • Acidifiers in Animal Nutrition

    Acidifiers in Animal Nutrition

    A Guide for Feed Preservation and Acidification to Promote Animal Performance

    By Christian Luckstadt

    This book provides an overview on the use of acidifiers in animal nutrition & their beneficial effects on livestock and aquaculture. It contains a compilation of papers from research institutes and the industry worldwide related to that...

    Cloth - 9781904761402 - $ 38.95

  • Anatomists and Eponyms

    The Spirit of Anatomy Past

    By Kurt O. Gilliland, Royce L. Montgomery

    The older traditional Human Anatomical Textbooks included numerous anatomical eponyms. This was a desire to perpetuate the memory of original investigators by associating their names with the anatomical structures that they had discovered. The current trends in most...

    Paper - 9781904761730 - $ 23.95

  • Anthraquinones in Plants

    Anthraquinones in Plants

    Source, safety and applications in gastrointestinal health

    Edited by: L. Delmulle, K. Demeyer

    Few subjects are so intensely debated as the use of plant preparations and the putative toxicity or safety of their active compounds. Ardent advocates and opponents can be found for both points of view and debates are...

    Paper - 9781897676325 - $ 46.95

  • Co-product Feeds

    Co-product Feeds

    Animal feeds from the food and drinks industries

    By Robin Crawshaw

    Large volumes of co-product feeds are produced in British food and drink factories. Sometimes referred to erroneously as processing wastes, these feeds have the same provenance as the principal products of such enterprises, being derived from the same raw materials...

    Paper - 9781897676356 - $ 38.95

  • Complexity and Medicine

    Complexity and Medicine

    The Elephant in the Waiting Room

    By C.J Alexander

    This book takes Complexity Theory and applies it to medicine where it has previously made little ground. It provides new hypotheses for multiple common but misunderstood diseases. Doctors in particular will understand that many diseases have remained unsolved due to a linear...

    Paper - 9781907284564 - $ 31.95

  • Distilled Spirits I

    Distilled Spirits I

    Tradition and Innovation

    Edited by: J.H. Bryce, G.G. Stewart

    Production of distilled spirits throughout the world is a remarkable balance between tradition and innovation. The traditions that have led to the production of high quality spirits are described. However, there has been continued change in the agriculture that provides the...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781897676394 - $ 19.95

  • Distilled Spirits II

    Distilled Spirits II

    Production, Technology and Innovation

    Edited by: J.H. Bryce, J.R. Piggott, G.G. Stewart

    The source material for this book originated at the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference - 2005. At that event, organised by the Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, a group of over 250 distillers from...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781904761648 - $ 42.95

  • Distilled Spirits III

    Distilled Spirits III

    New Horizons: Energy, Environmental and Enlightenment

    Edited by: G.M. Walker, P.S. Hughes

    The distilled spirits industry is rapidly embracing new technologies to save energy, protect the environment and embrace new scientific approaches to improve efficiencies. These issues are covered in this book which originated from the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781907284458 - $ 69.95

  • Distilled Spirits IV

    Distilled Spirits IV

    Science and Sustainability

    Edited by: G.M. Walker, I. Goodall, R. Fotheringham, D. Murray

    The distilled spirits industry is rapidly embracing new scientific and technological discoveries to save energy and water and to protect the environment. Science and sustainability issues are covered in this book which originated from the...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781908062895 - $ 85.95

  • Drink and the City

    Drink and the City

    Alcohol and Alcohol Problems in Urban UK, since the 1950s

    By J.E. McGregor

    This book uses Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands of England, as a case study to examine changing attitudes and responses to drinking and alcohol problems in the UK from the 1950s to early 2000s. Based on...

    Paper - 9781908062857 - $ 62.95