New Titles

  • 'For Only Those Deserve the Name'

    'For Only Those Deserve the Name'

    T. E. Lawrence and Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    By Mark Calderbank

    Now available in paperback! In Seven Pillars of Wisdom, his epic of the Arab Revolt, T.E. Lawrence wanted to write a work of spiritual greatness, comparable to The Brothers Karamazov, and Thus Spake Zarathustra. 'For only those deserve the name,'...

    Paper - 9781845198428 - $ 39.95

  • 'Me Write Myself'

    'Me Write Myself'

    The Free Aboriginal Inhabitants of Van Diemen's Land at Wybalenna,1832-47

    By Leonie Stevens

    Exiles, lost souls, remnants of a dying race: the fate of the First Nations peoples of Van Diemen's Land is one of the most infamous chapters in Australian, and world, history. The men, women and children exiled to...

    Paper - 9781925495638 - $ 29.95

  • 1926-2016 Fritz Jahr's Bioethics

    1926-2016 Fritz Jahr's Bioethics

    A global Discourse

    Edited by: Amir Muzur, Hans-Martin Sass

    The ethics of valuing bios in all their forms and shapes has been an essential part of great and successful cultures from the millennia-old Vedic tradition of 'tattvamasi'-this is also you: this plant, this animal, this microbe, this ecosystem-to the simple...

    Paper - 9783643908292 - $ 44.95

  • A Balancing Act

    A Balancing Act

    British Intelligence in Spain during the Second World War

    By Emilio Grandio Seoane

    This book reveals the development, strategy and extraordinary success of Britain's secret services in Franco's Spain during the second World War. The main claim of this study is that British pressure, exercised above all through their intelligence services,...

    Cloth - 9781845198848 - $ 74.95

  • A Bank's Duty of Care

    A Bank's Duty of Care

    Edited by: Danny Busch, Cees van Dam

    In recent years, more and more clients and third parties have filed claims against banks for offenses such as for mis-selling financial products, poor financial advice, and insufficient disclosure of, and warning for, financial risks. The scope of the duty of care...

    Cloth - 9781849468114 - $ 114.00

  • A Believer's Farewell to Religion

    A Believer's Farewell to Religion

    By Roger Lenears S.J.

    Contributions by: Dan Farrelly

    In this book, the controversial Jesuit priest, Roger Lenaers, deals with the need for a new idea of God, one which does not stand out as an anomaly in the modern world. In this he is relinquishing the image of a Father...

    Paper - 9781909325470 - $ 18.00

  • A Bloody Day

    A Bloody Day

    The Irish at Waterloo

    By Dan Harvey

    Within the grand narrative of the Battle of Waterloo-one that marks the end of Napoleon's career as conqueror and the beginning of an extended peace in western Europe-little is known of the formidable efforts made by the Irish who supplemented the strength of the...

    Paper - 9781785371264 - $ 19.95

  • A Bloody Night

    A Bloody Night

    The Irish at Rorke's Drift

    By Dan Harvey

    The word Zulu means 'heaven,' but for the suddenly besieged British garrison at Rorke's Drift, it represented a hellish horde of warriors from the Zulu nation. A Bloody Night documents the terrifying struggle of these Irishmen as thousands of poorly armed but well-trained...

    Paper - 9781785371295 - $ 19.95

  • A Brief History of Milk Production

    A Brief History of Milk Production

    From Farm to Market

    By Bert Collacott

    A Brief History of Milk Production details the history of milk farming from the earliest days through to the problems facing dairy farmers now. The book covers the massive transformation in one of the most important sectors in the agricultural industry, from work on...

    Paper - 9781910456521 - $ 14.95

  • A Child's Journey Through Contemporary Issues in Child Protection

    Child Protection and Safeguarding

    By Rhiannon Davies, Gary Norton

    This new title provides clear, authoritative commentary on good practice, law, and current research for both lawyers and other professionals who are involved in modern day safeguarding practice. Highly topical issues covered include: the child protection process and the family justice...

    Paper - 9781784733414 - $ 81.50