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New Island Press (Ireland) works with new and established Irish writers. It has served as a launch pad and home for some of the finest literary figures of recent decades. New Island publishes mainly literary fiction, poetry and drama. However, it also produces non-fiction titles on Irish topics, and it is these books ISBS distributes. ISBS carries their history and cultural titles which straddle the line between trade and academia. New Island Press was founded in 1992 by Edwin Higel.

  • 60 Years, 30 Perspectives

    60 Years, 30 Perspectives

    Ireland and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Edited by: Donncha O'Connell

    Amnesty International's Irish Section has published this book to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thirty leading social policy commentators from Ireland were invited to reflect and write - from their personal point of...

    Paper - 9781848400443 - $ 30.00

  • A Divided Paradise

    A Divided Paradise

    An Irishman in the Holy Land

    By David Lynch

    This account is a product of Irish freelance journalist David Lynch's experiences in the Holy Land. While focusing on the contemporary life of ordinary Palestinians and Israelis, the book also delves into the contested history of the region, providing accessible background to...

    Paper - 9781848400139 - $ 22.00

  • A Question of Duty

    A Question of Duty

    The Curragh Incident 1914

    By Paul O'Brien

    As the world marched to war in 1914, the army of the British Empire was secretly recovering from one of the most momentous events of its history. In the Curragh Army Camp in the rolling countryside of county Kildare, a senior British general and...

    Paper - 9781848403147 - $ 17.99

  • A Treasury of Sunday Miscellany

    A Treasury of Sunday Miscellany

    Edited by: Marie Heaney

    The Sunday Miscellany programme on RTE Radio 1 (Ireland's national broadcaster) has built and retained one of the most loyal listenerships in radio history. Here Marie Heaney compiles a selection of contributions from the last four decades. This collection will showcase the stunning array of talent,...

    Paper - 9781848400504 - $ 27.00

  • Banished Babies

    Banished Babies

    The Secret History of Ireland's Baby Export Business (Updated and Expanded Edition)

    By Mike Milotte

    Mike Milotte's damning expose - of Church-State collusion in banishing thousands of vulnerable 'illegitimate' children from Ireland in the 1950s and 1960s - was first published to critical acclaim in 1997, and quickly achieved iconic status....

    Paper - 9781848401334 - $ 27.50

  • Battleground, 1916 In Focus

    Battleground, 1916 In Focus

    The Battle for the General Post Office, 1916

    By Paul O'Brien

    On Easter Monday, 24th April 1916, members of the Irish Citizen Army and the Irish Volunteers, under the command of Padraig Pearse and James Connolly, occupied the General Post Office in Sackville Street, Dublin. From the portico of the iconic...

    Paper - 9781848404274 - $ 12.99

  • Blanketmen


    An Untold Story of the H-Block Hunger Strike

    By Richard O'Rawe

    Contributions by: Richard English

    One of the most important books to emerge from the Troubles, and definitely the most courageous.--The Sunday Times ***"Richard O'Rawe deserves praise for charging one of the most cynical leaderships anywhere in this island with manipulating...

    Paper - 9781848405547 - $ 17.99

  • Break A Leg: A Memoir

    Break A Leg: A Memoir

    By Peter Sheridan

    We're going to make a play out of our own lives and we're putting it on in three weeks. Now let's get started.... ** As a new memoir from acclaimed playwright and director Peter Sheridan, Break a Leg tells the story of his life in the theater,...

    Paper - 9781848401945 - $ 29.99

  • Breaking the Mould

    Breaking the Mould

    A Story of Art and Ireland

    By Eamon Delaney

    A vivid and entertaining account of artistic and literary Dublin in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Well known Irish journalist and editor of Irish current affairs magazine, Magill, Eamon Delaney reflects on his childhood and growing up as the son of one...

    Paper - 9781848400566 - $ 25.00

  • China and the Irish

    China and the Irish

    The Thomas Davis Lecture Series 2008

    Edited by: Jerusha McCormack

    China and the Irish is a pioneering work, exploring the relations between the Chinese and Irish peoples. The book's essays cover a wide range of topics, from diplomatic history to music, from business to botanical exchanges and literary connections. What the...

    Cloth - 9781848400429 - $ 45.00